sanga in uganda

Children’s drawings form the inspiration for the character development of a new international character for Play and Learn with Miffy. With a Ugandan team of illustrators and writers, we started the co-creation process in Kampala. Much effort and many discussions, sketches and drafts were needed before we could decide on an animal, a name and a good story line. After two intense weeks, we were ready to celebrate the third Play and Learn with Miffy character: Sanga.

At the end of the workshop it was expo time! Inflating the balloons, hanging up all the drawings, and – showing the spreads of the book. Friends, family, colleagues and representatives from NGOs such as Right to play and UNICEF came to the expo. The team shows the expo visitors the co-creation process from A to Z and we receive our first compliments. “What a lovely children’s book, so fresh and colourful.”