dick bruna

Play and Learn with Miffy characters are inspired by the children books of Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The admirable simplicity in word and text make his books a unique and fun way of stimulating early child development.

Dick Bruna has produced many books, translated into 40 different languages, sold over 85 million copies around the world and acknowledged with many awards and honourable mentions. The Miffy books are aimed at young readers up to the age of around 5 years old. Different ages benefit from different elements of the book. Bruna’s books reflect the subjects and situations that children come across in their lives and the clear illustrations that are recognisable all over the world.

Dick Bruna’s simplicity strengthens the message and makes sure it sets ground. A distinctive art style transforms images into pictograms. They have been stripped of all details, leaving only what’s necessary; a limited range of strong, bold colours that appeal to children. The persistent use of a vast rhyme and rhythm scheme in the verses make the messages easy to remember and allows them to be repeated by small children.